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Hello! If you're here, you're probably looking for details, so here you go: I'm a reporter at HuffPost. I write about climate change, the environment, energy and the politics and policies that affect all three. 

I have reported on warming temperatures from remote corners of Greenland, the collapse of Iceland's government from Reykjavík, and the gas industry's grip on state politics from Pittsburgh. I have exposed shady dealings at the Trump EPA and a top climate change denial group's efforts to protect an former executive accused of stalking a female colleague. I have written about antitrust issues, chemical plant deregulation, and the cost of giving monopolies on taxpayer-funded drug research to private companies. 

Previously, I covered retail and world affairs at the International Business Times. Before that, I reported on the media industry in Los Angeles for The Wrap and, later, in New York at FishbowlNY. I got my first real gig writing about crime, fires and the occasional citywide spelling bee for The Boston Globe.

I have written for Pacific Standard, and appeared on MSNBC, FOX, SiriusXM and CBC Radio. I'm a regular guest on the BBC World Service's "Business Matters."

My journalism career started at 15 years old with an internship at The Long-Islander, a weekly newspaper founded by Walt Whitman in 1838 in Huntington, New York. Back then, I started using my middle initial in my byline to pay respect to an old newspaper tradition. Admittedly, I sometimes worry it makes me seem pretentious.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At Emerson College, I served as editor-in-chief of The Berkeley Beacon, the only student-run newspaper on campus. During my tenure, we became the first student publication in the country to launch a responsively designed website, earning us plaudits from Harvard's Nieman Lab. 

I'm a shop steward at the Writer's Guild of America, East, and a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists. I volunteer as an adviser to the nonprofit Women In Tech Network.

I grew up on Long Island. Now I live in Astoria, Queens, with my girlfriend, a black cat named Ashitaka, and a jungle of plants